BESD Super Scoop

This podcast is about Box Elder School District in Northwestern Utah.

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Friday Mar 22, 2024

In this episode we talk about the things our State Representative has done in the session this year.  We also discuss how others can get involved to make a difference. 

Thursday Feb 29, 2024

In this episode we talk with the ELA department of Bear River High school Heidi Jensen, Jamie Marble, and Kelbie Jackson.  We discuss how this department uses data to pinpoint student gaps.  These gaps are taught to students during an intervention built into their schedule.  They talk about the Utah State Standards and how they break those down to understand what students really need to know.
They talk about a Strategic Implementation Guide that helped start the conversation.  
They also talk about the 4 PLC questions:
1) What do we want our students to learn?
2) How will we know if they learned it?
3) What will we do if they did not learn it?
4) What will we do if they did learn it?

Friday Jan 05, 2024

In this podcast we talk to 2 teachers of the DLI program and the district director.  We talk about the long term benefits for signing your student up for the program.  BESD offers 4 schools with Spanish DLI and one with Chinese.  

Wednesday Dec 20, 2023

In this episode we talk to students and faculty at our schools about fundraisers and food drives done to support our local communities.  Every year our school, through the help of the communities, donate tons of food to the local food pantries and thousands of dollars to local charities to help those around us.  One of the great benefits of this that happens with our students is the unity to a common goal.  
You can follow many of the activities that happen at:
BRHS instragram
BEHS instagram
Box Elder School district Facebook

AI in schools

Wednesday Dec 06, 2023

Wednesday Dec 06, 2023

Today we talk about how students and teachers can use Artificial Intelligence in the classroom to help with learning and productivity. 

Tuesday Oct 24, 2023


Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

Click here to join PTA today or talk to your local PTA president at your school. You are welcome to join ANY TIME.
Box Elder Region PTA director
PTA video

Tuesday Oct 03, 2023

For more information about BESD health services please visit:

BESD foundation

Monday Sep 25, 2023

Monday Sep 25, 2023

We talk to Tom Shaw, a member of the BESD foundation, about the fundraising efforts and the support the foundation gives to BESD.  More information can be found at

1st Day of school 2023

Thursday Aug 31, 2023

Thursday Aug 31, 2023

We are excited to have the students back with us at BESD for the first day of school 2023.


BESD Super Scoop

This is a podcast about Box Elder School District in North Western Utah.  The Superintendant discusses the happenings in the district. 

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